Totally Customize Your Gaming System

No one is necessarily happy to shell out the multiple hundreds of dollars for a brand new PlayStation 4 (or equally expensive Xbox One). The same too goes for the cost of the latest and greatest games. It’s not something you’re thrilled about paying, but it comes with being a gamer. You have to spend a little money to try out the biggest releases. And it’s worth it, especially when your PS4 or Xbox provides years of entertainment. That is, if it’s handled with care, which sometimes is hard to do when you’re in the heat of a battle. Many times gamers are forced to replace their controllers because of the abuse they endure. (Think that’s hyperbolic language? Then you’ve never thrown a controller across the room when you’ve lost a level for the tenth time.)

Customize Your Gaming System today

Replacing them can cost a pretty penny, and after you’ve already dropped so much cash on the system itself, that price can be a bitter pill to swallow. Combined with the cost of new games, which can be as high as $90, you’ve got an expensive hobby. If your wallet can’t handle another replacement controller, then it’s time that you take preventative measures. There’s a way to save your controller from accidental drops, sharp scratches, greasy fingers, and liquid spills. Best of all, it comes in cool, attention-grabbing designs that can enhance the overall look of your Xbox One or PS4.

When you head online, you’ll see that there are plenty of retailers offering protection for either game system, but it’s important that you stick with those providing protection in the form of skins. Xbox One and PS4 skins are crated from 3M vinyl that looks amazing and doesn’t interfere with the function of your controllers or the console. Not all retailers can offer 3M vinyl or precision in their skins, so watch out for those like dbrand that advertise these qualities right on their website. Open up a new tab and swing by to see Xbox and PS4 skins cut to measure within a micro-millimetre, which means they mount around the fans, port hubs, toggles, and buttons perfectly.

With an ultra-precise fit, the PS4 or Xbox One skin provides an air tight seal around the console and controller. That means it will keep out dust, oils from your hands, and spilled liquids. It will also save your controller or console from scratches, scuffs, or scrapes.

If you’re tired of spending more money than you have to on your growing gaming obsession, invest in the precautionary measure of a skin. It’s an easy way to make sure your console lasts for a very long time – and in personalized style too!