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How employment challenges are changing with economic shifts

As the global economy begins to recover from years of recession, the employment world continues to suffer challenges as it tries to move forward and keep up with the changing economy. Dealing with the changing demographic of workers and the corresponding changes in work habits and work ethics means that employers have to find new ways of attracting workers to jobs and encouraging them to stay. For many employers, the difficulties and legalities faced with this new kind of employee field can

3 ways to ‘grow your own’ skilled workforce

Far from being able to pick and choose between quality applicants, many firms are faced with a struggle when it comes getting the right staff on board. The skills gap has consequences for all businesses – not least when it comes to time wasted in sifting through mountains of CVs looking for suitably qualified individuals. So why not look at ways to address the causes of the problem? Modern apprenticeships, university placements and even school work experience schemes can offer businesses

The state of the Euro as 2014 winds down…

Despite being more than six years removed from the financial crisis of 2008, Europe's collective economy remains in a fragile state. While some of the worst hit nations like Greece and Spain have finally begun to recover from the economic depression that had crushed consumer confidence over that time period, the growth of other nations such as Germany and the United Kingdom has either slowed to a crawl or stalled outright. With a shocking number of European banks failing stress tests in recent

Join The Cloud Computing Revolution

Is cloud computing a game-changing invention? It's certainly altering the way the business world works these days, that's for sure. The benefits of using the Cloud are plentiful and offered a fantastic ROI to many businesses, as well as altering the way they carry out their operations forever. The network has enabled employees to take a much more flexible approach to how they do their duties - allowing them to access their office remotely. This naturally gives staff much more freedom with

Spring clean the office

This time of year has long since been associated with having a big clean-out to make things feel fresh and new. This kind of thinking can be applied to the office in two ways: de-cluttering the physical workplace and refreshing the business itself. Company owners can spring clean their brand as well as clean the office. A clean workspace can increase productivity and employee satisfaction, whereas a revamp of the company can attract new business and boost profits. Re-evaluate your audience The

Reasons to Hire a Business Broker When Selling Your Business

Back in the dark days of 2008 and 2009, when employees were losing their supposedly safe corporate jobs en masse, these talented individuals needed to act – and fast – if they were to keep theirs mortgages and lives afloat. Many of these folks chose themselves and started businesses, and while the economic climate was rough, the flexibility they were able to offer their clients allowed a good number of them to succeed in the end. Fast forward 5+ years, and the economy has largely recovered,

7 Tips When Building A Scalable Business

A scalable business is a business that has the potential to grow and generate revenue with minimum incremental cost. Many people start up business hoping to increase revenue by building a strong customer base which directly implies increasing delivery of goods and services that calls for hiring additional stuff to meet the demand. This will definitely lead to substantial increase in fixed costs. Scalable businesses look to structure the company in such a way that increasing customer base will

Helpful tips for potential contractors

The decision to become a contractor is likely to be the most important one of your professional career. Becoming a freelance contractor means you will have a great deal more responsibility in all aspects of your work. Finding clients and securing contracts will now be down to you. Calculating your taxes properly and ensuring you get paid won’t be your employers problem anymore, it will be yours. Are your finances in order? First of all those who are making the jump from full-time employment

How Can I Motivate My Employees?

It's the question asked by all but the most experienced of people managers: how can I motivate my employees? While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this quandary, there are a number of tips and techniques that can be used to make sure you are getting the most out of your personnel. Staff benefits Providing staff benefits to employees is a fantastic way of increasing engagement and motivation. While increased remuneration is a well regarded and acknowledged way of getting the best

Sources of Business Financing

Securing financing is a common practice for many businesses. Sometimes the options available can be a bit overwhelming. This post is designed to showcase the different ways a business can secure financing. (1) Short Term Finance: Short-term finance іѕ needed tо fulfill thе current nееdѕ оf business. Thе current nееdѕ mау include payment оf taxes, salaries оr wages, repair expenses, payment tо creditor etc. Thе nееd fоr short term finance arises bесаuѕе sales revenues