Why This Protective Coating Works So Well  

While driving or roaming around the city, have you noticed the coating used in beautifying outdoor structures such as facades and bridges? This coating is a combination of lubricants and other high performance resins. It is developed to be a high quality dry film lubricant which will then create a slick, hard, and very smooth coating while being chemical and corrosion resistant at the same.

There are plenty of benefits in utilising fluoropolymer as coating for outdoor structures. Among the benefits is that this type of coating is non-sticking, non-wetting and has less friction. Aside from those benefits, this coating is also abrasion, electricity and galling-resistant. The coating applications are extensive and is mostly applied to fasteners and other OEM components to ensure that it will last for many years before it needs to be replaced.

Image by Mennomenno via Flickr


What Is This Type of Coating?

The polymeric structure of this coating is an extensive systematic arrangement of vinyl ether and fluoroethylene molecules. Each of the fluoroethylene molecule is made up of 3 fluorine atoms. In comparison, PVDF and PVF2 coatings are made up of 2 fluorine atoms only.

What Makes This Coating Durable?

Because of the systematic arrangement of its vinyl ether and fluoethylene molecules, this coating is more durable compared with other heavy duty coatings. The molecules are arranged alternatively in a way that the fluoroethylene molecule would surround and protect the vinyl ether molecules.

Benefits In Using Fluoropolymer Coating

Fluoropolymer coating is available in different colours. This allows it to complement with the design of the structure. Since it is made as a heavy duty coating and is corrosion-resistant, it can last longer compared with similar coatings being sold in the market today. This type of coating will also require less maintenance allowing you to save more money in the long run.

Its Uses

Because fluoropolymer coatings help make any structure last for a long time, it is utilised as coating for bridges, towers and other infrastructure. It is also used as coating for structural roofs and facades of buildings.

This type of coating is perfect for any structure where extreme durability, good aesthetic appearance and high chemical resistance is necessary.

More Benefits of Using Fluoropolymer Coating

The low surface energy of the resins makes fluoropolymer suitable for the formulation of anti-graffiti coatings. There are industries which developed a clear coating which will be utilised as a factory-applied permanent coating for window frames, roofing and wall panels for upmarket buildings that like to protect their facades from graffiti.

The coatings work specifically with the chemistry of a graffiti remover. It is created to withstand and easily remove:

  • Water-based house paints
  • Aerosol paints
  • Cleaners
  • Scuff marks
  • Lipstick
  • Permanent marker
  • Pen
  • Crayon

These coatings are tested for aesthetic performance and resistance to corrosion based on strict industry standards. If you’re looking for a coating for any outdoor structure that is made to last while making sure that facades, walls and etc. last for many years without requiring repairs or replacements, fluoropolymer coating is the best coating solution.