What are the best business rewards programs for business travelers?

Exclusive skip the counter car rentals are an example of the perks of belonging to excellent business rewards programs

In today’s globalized world, firms are doing an increasing amount of business with corporations, vendors, and clients from overseas. While many initial communications can be conducted over the telecommunications that are ubiquitous in this day and age, when the time comes to consummate a major deal, nothing quite seals it like heading over to your client’s home territory, smoothing over any bumps in the process face to face, and starting a partnership with a firm handshake.

As a result of this, many employees of even smaller companies are taking to the air these days to grab a piece of the booming markets available in many developing nations overseas. With multiple thousands of dollars being spent on travel per employee, it only makes sense to wring as much value out from the money being laid out on these deal and trade building initiatives.

Apart from the obvious prosperity that is generated from well-executed deals, there are many travel loyalty programs that can reward your business and your employees with free flights, preferential treatment, and service upgrades for no additional cost. But don’t get too spontaneous. The last thing you want to do is shell out for a pricey ticket just to realize you need a visa to enter a certain country like the USA, UK, Thailand, Etc.

We have researched common travel loyalty programs that are commonly used by business travelers in today’s world and in doing so, we have come up with three specific business rewards programs that you should enroll your road warriors in if you are currently not making use of them.

Let’s get started!

1) Delta Skymiles

While there are several airline loyalty programs that serve their customers well in a wide variety of categories, we feel that Delta Skymiles ranks as your best frequent flier program option if you are an American executive that travels extensively for work. With unlimited upgrades to business class for domestic flights, an exclusive toll-free number with quick answer for service inquiries, and expedited customs clearance upon return to the USA, Delta stands out from its competition.

The cherry on top for those using Delta Skymiles? At present, while their competitors are applying expiry dates on mile balances, Delta Skymiles have no expiry date, allowing you to stockpile a massive cache of miles that can allow for free travel for months or years in the future.

2) National Emerald Club

Don’t you hate waiting at the car rental counter after finally clearing customs at the airport, only to find that a crappy subcompact is all that remains for you? By signing up for National Car Rental’s Emerald Club, you get to bypass the car rental counter, allowing you to select a car from the “Emerald Aisle”, which is filled with outstanding cars that any business executive would be proud to show up to their client’s building in. In time, reaching this program’s top tier will allow you to reserve the car of your choice with as little as 24 hours notice, guaranteeing its presence when you land at your destination.

3) Starwood Preferred Guest

When you have finally arrived at your destination after a long day of flight delays and snarled traffic to and from your origin and destination airports respectively, all you want to do is to rest your fatigued body atop a pillow soft mattress. During the course of your travels for your business/company, you may end staying at a variety of hotels, dependent on availability. The Starwood Preferred Guest is associated with many top brands such as the Westin and the Sheraton, and the top levels of status confer some truly enviable perks to membership holders, with free breakfasts and late checkout times standing out among the others.

It’s your money … get as much as you can for it

With many generous loyalty programs available to the business traveler, hitting the road doesn’t have to be a pain. With the benefits one can accrue for throwing their lot in with a specific airline or hotel group, you or your employees can make a killing for your business and have fun in the process!