What Are The Best Business Mobile Phones?

Depending on your business needs, this iPhone 5s might be one of the best business mobile phones for your company!

In today’s intensely competitive mobile landscape, it can be difficult to suss out which phones are right for your business. With a full slate of features that outshine computers that used to fly rockets to the moon and back just a couple of generations ago, the confusion you are feeling towards the task of buying business handsets for your office is completely understandable.

To clear the air and make your task a less onerous one, we have profiled three of the hottest phones on the market to lay out the features of these smartphones so that when you bring your choice of mobile to the front doorstep of your company, you won’t look so dumb. Let’s get to talking about the best business mobile phones out there today, shall we?

1) iPhone 5S

Commonly dismissed by more stodgy types as a toy that only hipsters and creatives play with while prattling about, wasting their precious time on things that won’t make them money, the iPhone 5S has some incredibly useful features for the businessperson that simply can’t be ignored. First, the new model includes a fingerprint sensor, which only allows the owner of the phone to unlock it, keeping sensitive data and information sealed inside should a crafty thieve snatch it on the street. Also, recent reports have uncovered a less reported feature that allows users to track their data use to avoid the egregious overages we’ve all heard horror stories in the media about.

2) Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the first phones on the marketplace powered by the Windows 8 OS. While this may spark some shouts of derision from users of the previous phone, with this development comes the inclusion of Microsoft Office, allowing your sales staff to update, tweak and finish their presentations en route to an important client meeting instead of ad libbing it once they hit the ground. This phone also comes with a wireless charging cover, allowing charging without a plugin on select surfaces that are equipped for this style of recharging.

3) Samsung Galaxy S3

The advent of present day smartphone technology has meant that the level of battery usage has skyrocketed in recent times, rendering the days where you could go days without plugging in your phone a thing of the past. Samsung is starting to make things right in this department with the Galaxy S3, as its screen only stays lit when you are actively looking at it, fading to black moments after you look away.

Another handy feature also includes a direct call function that allows you to call your texting partner when you get to a point where switching to voice makes sense; just put the phone to your ear and it calls your partner.

Where can I find these phones easily and with a cost-effective assortment of plans?

Now that you have been sufficiently informed of all the unique features of some of the most highly regarded handsets on the market today, you may be wondering: where can I go so I can begin the process of phone procurement in earnest? In the past year or so, a web store known as Your Company Mobiles has emerged. It provides an easy to understand interface where you can process bulk buys for your business with ease, making the whole process a comfortable experience.