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How employment challenges are changing with economic shifts

As the global economy begins to recover from years of recession, the employment world continues to suffer challenges as it tries to move forward and keep up with the changing economy. Dealing with the changing demographic of workers and the corresponding changes in work habits and work ethics means that employers have to find new ways of attracting workers to jobs and encouraging them to stay. For many employers, the difficulties and legalities faced with this new kind of employee field can

Who will be your employee of the month this February?

Employers often congratulate their staff for exemplary work throughout the year. Outstanding staff may receive rewards or employee of the month accolades for excellent sales, customer service or for going beyond the confines of their role. What about those who do fantastic work behind the scenes? The employees who often go unnoticed, but whose work is vital to the smooth running of the business. This month, take the time to reward the staff members who make up the infrastructure of your company. Where