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A Bespoke Software Solution for your Business

Image by PremiumSoftwaress via Flickr The systems and processes that a company uses every day can be very limiting at times, especially when you are using an off-the-shelf variety of software. At the end of the day, no two companies are the same, even if they are in the same industry. So when it comes to streamlining your processes and systems, you may wish to consider a bespoke software package that is built specifically for your business needs. If you are not sure of what is possible when it

Data Storage Ideas to Save Space and Money

Inflation might be down and reports of a return to a thriving economy all over the news, but business owners can never afford to rest on their laurels. Having learned some hard lessons in monetary efficiency over recent years, and reaped the benefits of a cost-cutting mindset, maintaining that attitude in the coming months will ensure a more profitable future. The way you use the space available to you can either save money or waste it. Here are a couple of data storage ideas to make it work

Join The Cloud Computing Revolution

Is cloud computing a game-changing invention? It's certainly altering the way the business world works these days, that's for sure. The benefits of using the Cloud are plentiful and offered a fantastic ROI to many businesses, as well as altering the way they carry out their operations forever. The network has enabled employees to take a much more flexible approach to how they do their duties - allowing them to access their office remotely. This naturally gives staff much more freedom with

The rise of Big Data – what it means for the enterprise

A few years ago, the idea of big data was still alien to many IT professionals. In fact, its key concepts of volume, variety and velocity were only identified in 2001 - and for many years after that, there was still very little understanding of exactly how best to harness this potential - or indeed what it could be for a business. But all this has changed. In just a short space of time, the technology has gone from being an untried theory, through the age of hype and uncertainty, to the point