How to find ways to create space in your warehouse

The cost of renting or buying space in which to run your business and it can be extremely high. A lot of your business expenses will go to the cost of the business operating requirements which involves the actual floor space that you need in which to function. You want to avoid increasing this cost by maximising the use of the space which you currently operate from and only when necessary will you then look to expand. Increasing the use of every square meter will also increase profits made on operating expenses which is a return on capital improvement. Until such time that you feel you’re ready to expand, here are some ways to implement vertical storage systems to make your space work better for you.  

Pallet racking setups 

Install pallet racking to increase your surface areas that can be used for storage. Use your network of contacts or simply go online to find an agent who has pallet racking for sale. This can either be bought new or bought second hand. Second-hand racking you can get for a fraction of the price and it will work just the same. If you want to make sure that you have some warranties or guarantees in place you might prefer to buy new. Pallet racking provides the space you need to store stock and product and if can help you organise your storage system and make things easier to find. Ensure that there is a logical and well-labelled system put in place so that accessibility is easy, and anyone can navigate it. 

Lockers and personal storage units 

Using lockers for your staff to store their personal belongings helps decrease theft risk and also prevents items from being left in places that could be risky to safety. People can have their own locks and keys to use that they can then keep the key and manage as and when they need it. By having people keep their own keys also prevents any risk of accusations that their items are not safe. Lockers also help keep everything looking need and tidy and in order. It may be necessary though to have occasional locker checks though in case illegal substances are being kept without your knowledge 

Filing cabinets 

Have filing cabinets for all your hard copy paperwork. This will help keep your documents in order and make sure that you can access it easily if you need anything. It provides a place to put longer-term documentation in, although, items that you won’t need to access very often can be kept off-site to prevent too much clutter and demand for filing storage. It is good to have duplicate copies of originals and have the originals stored in safe places. Some filing cabinets come with keys that the business manager of the filing cabinet can keep. It is good to keep a copy of the key with your security guys in case something happens to the person who is guarding the key.