Tips for entering the construction industry

Deciding on what direction you want to go within the building and construction industry can be complicated. There is so much choice that you can find it quite overwhelming knowing where to begin. If you have very little exposure to the industry there will be many jobs that you may not have even heard of. Going into construction is a fantastic way to make good money and a good career choice because you will be sure to have work opportunities. Even in an economy that may not appear to be flourishing, there is always a need to build somewhere. It is a matter of identifying which skills suit you and what will be needed and can be transferrable to other industries.

Choose your learning platform

There are plenty of building and construction management online that you can choose from. Work through the offering course by course or programme by a programme to educate yourself more on the different study directions that are on offer. Using online studies as your platform for learning offers you the flexibility of time. It is, however, harder in terms of commitment as there is less accountability and it requires a great amount of commitment, dedication, and discipline. When considering the construction industry, you need to ensure that your studies are recognised and that you walk away with a formal qualification.

Studying at a university

If you decide to study through a university, consider the reputation that a particular university has in the industry that you want to go into, which in this regard is the construction and building industry. If you want to get international exposure, apply for an exchange programme through your university to get an opportunity to study abroad for a semester.

Volunteer for onsite learning

Find a real estate or construction company that can allow you to spend some time on-site to get an idea of all that is involved in construction. You will get first-hand exposure to in the work in the field and. If you’re able to offer volunteering work, this will give you experience as well as opportunity to ask people questions about the different career paths. You will get a deeper and more realistic understanding of what goes on and get a git understanding of what to expect. It may be that you find you absolutely love or absolutely hate it and that can save you years of studying and money spent.

Work your way up

If you’re not in a position or are able to spend money on studies, it might be that you can work your way up. The best way to do this is to work hard, show interest, be committed and have a genuine desire to learn. People will very quickly pick up on this and will be willing to teach, guide and mentor you. If you offer to do more than what your job description involves, this will not only impress your seniors, but it will put you in a position where you can learn more or different skills.