Make Employees Work Better: Smart Tips to Increase Group Cohesion and Productivity

Make Employees Work Better: Smart Tips to Increase Group Cohesion and Productivity

A company's employees are its greatest assets. Profits go downhill quickly once the staff feels no longer motivated and stops being productive. To stop this or even to prevent it from happening, More »

Trade Show Tips: Make Use of Custom Banners To Turn Heads

Trade Show Tips: Make Use of Custom Banners To Turn Heads

Altegra  Trade shows are fantastic opportunities to meet new customers and get your brand out there. But how many trade shows have you been to where all the companies just blend into More »

High Interest Lending Traps to Avoid in 2017

High Interest Lending Traps to Avoid in 2017

Living from paycheck to paycheck is one circumstance that many of us are familiar with. To help make ends meet, many people turn to lending traps. This can be anything from a More »

Racing Silks

Racing Silks

Jockey’s wear an arrangement of colours and designs when racing. The style is independent to the jockey and can be its unique marker on the race course. Paddy Power Horse Racing have made an More »



This is the world’s most popular currency pair. It also represents the two largest economies in the world.  The Euro was mainly created to facilitate trade across the borders of the major More »


4 Ways to Improve Poor Credit Before Applying for a New Credit Card

If you already have poor credit, you know that it can be difficult to improve that credit. It’s true that poor credit can be a hindrance in many areas of your life, and improving your credit is an important step toward improving multiple areas of life. However, if you’re applying for a new credit card to try and boost your credit, you want to give yourself as good of a chance as possible. Before you apply for the best credit card for poor credit, make sure you take these steps. 1. Check Your

4 Tips for Making a Website That Attracts Customers

One of the biggest reasons that you should have a website is to attract customers to your business. There are a variety of reasons that a website can be beneficial to your business, but attracting customers should be one of the biggest goals your website has. Here are four tips that you can use to ensure your website attracts customers. 1. Define Your Website’s Goals First and Foremost Before you even start your web design process, you need to define the goals you want for your website.

How to Protect Your Backup From Ransomware

Nobody, whether you’re working for a company or just for yourself, wants to deal with ransomware. One way you may be able to avoid ransomware attacks is by using a file backup, which allows you to back up your files and keep them safe. Then, if you end up with a ransomware attack, you can wipe the hard drive to remove the ransomware, re-install your operating system, and download all your files from the backup. However, you also have to make sure you’re protecting the backup itself from ransomware.

Tips for entering the construction industry

Deciding on what direction you want to go within the building and construction industry can be complicated. There is so much choice that you can find it quite overwhelming knowing where to begin. If you have very little exposure to the industry there will be many jobs that you may not have even heard of. Going into construction is a fantastic way to make good money and a good career choice because you will be sure to have work opportunities. Even in an economy that may not appear to be flourishing,

How to find ways to create space in your warehouse

The cost of renting or buying space in which to run your business and it can be extremely high. A lot of your business expenses will go to the cost of the business operating requirements which involves the actual floor space that you need in which to function. You want to avoid increasing this cost by maximising the use of the space which you currently operate from and only when necessary will you then look to expand. Increasing the use of every square meter will also increase profits

Curtains vs blinds: what’s the best option for your space?

Window treatments are one of the most important design elements in a living space. With the current trend towards building light and airy homes, windows, and by default window treatments, can tend to dominate a room. It can be difficult to decide what works with the design look you’re after – do they blend into the background or make a statement (and is it the right statement). However, it’s also very important that you carefully consider the practical functions that your window treatment

The new app for Franchise Managers and their Franchisees

Software solutions have become part and parcel of business management and they have revolutionized the way in which we store data, manage projects, measure performance and speed up processes. As each year passes we see new software released which can further improve the way in which we manage business and today we want to talk about an exciting new piece of franchise software called Toucan Toco. This new app seeks to add dynamism and efficiency for both franchise managers and franchisees and if

Planning an NYC Business Conference

It’s a business practice as old as time, and anyone who’s been successful in their trade has done it. From angel investors to venture capitalists, from startup entrepreneurs to top CEOs, business networking events provide real connections and business insights to its host and attendees. But what does it take to organize this kind of event? This post will take you through the process of planning a business conference in one of the biggest business centers in the world, New York City Choose

A Guide to Researching a Property

If you are planning to get your foot on the first rung of the property ladder, there is much to learn. Real estate in Australia has steadily increased in value, especially in cities like Brisbane and Perth and the smart buyer doesn’t hang around. There are, however, certain things you need to do before rushing to sign on the dotted line and the complex legal world is not something you should try to navigate on your own.
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Moving Forward After Filing for Bankruptcy

The idea of filing for bankruptcy is something no business owner wants to think about. This is such a tragic end to a business. The most important thing to remember though is that filing for bankruptcy does not mean it is the end of the road for you. There is still life after filing for bankruptcy. It is just up to you how you pick up the pieces and move ahead. Your business might have ended but you can always start something new.
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Filing for bankruptcy is not just financially painful.