The new app for Franchise Managers and their Franchisees

Software solutions have become part and parcel of business management and they have revolutionized the way in which we store data, manage projects, measure performance and speed up processes. As each year passes we see new software released which can further improve the way in which we manage business and today we want to talk about an exciting new piece of franchise software called Toucan Toco. This new app seeks to add dynamism and efficiency for both franchise managers and franchisees and if you fall under either of these categories, here is how you can benefit from this application. 

The Company 

Toucan Toco is a French start up which has grown at lightening speed and it is their focus to create apps which help users to visualize data and monitor performance. The company currently works with Fortune 500 businesses across Europe and the USA, including companies such as Hermes, Renault and BNP Paribas. 

The Magic 

This software solution helps franchise owners and franchisees by creating an application which can multi-source data and present it in a simple, visual format. Using a wide variety of connectors, the data can be presented to the user with simplicity and with accuracy giving business leaders an interface and a user friendly dashboard which can help  them to better understand the metrics of their businesses, and in turn the ability to make more informed decisions. Through the use of this software solution, business leaders can also increase the speed of communication between throughout the company and they can easily identify needs within the business. 

All Franchises

Up to this point the majority of the work which Toucan Toco have carried out with their clients have been applications which are highly specific to the individual needs of the company. Using the knowledge which they have gained as a result of creating these solutions for successful companies, Toucan Toco has now launched a specific app for franchise owners and franchisees, which is an all-purpose tool for anyone within this industry. 

The Benefits 

This is an application which very much replaces traditional or classic techniques around business management, data entry and results monitoring and these are just some of the benefits which users can count on. 

  • One Stop Shop – All sales data and information from across your franchises can be seen and managed in one place. 
  • Smarter Decisions – The visual library which the app presents ensures that everyone has the necessary information for better decision making. 
  • Project Management – Share tasks, give responsibility and collaborate with key stake holders from a single portal. 
  • One Channel – Work with all of your managers and leaders in your franchises and manage your entire operation from a single app, which can be downloaded on any mobile device so that you can manage on the go. 

Managing your franchises has never been easier and through the Toucan Toco application you will be able to ensure that you are involved in all corners of your franchise, through a simple digital platform.