3 Ways Technology Makes Running a Business Easier

In the fast-paced business world, anything that makes life easier to manage is snapped up immediately and tried out. Technology is a love it, hate it kind of deal for many business folks. Not every new tech idea is well executed and it takes time to learn new ones. But just like with how Google starts hundreds of little projects only to shut down most of them a few months later when users have already gotten used to using them in their everyday lives, business executives don’t have time for a do-over every few months.

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Here are three technologies that are here to stay.

Cloud Storage

Being able to store terabytes of files in the cloud on a server in a dedicated, managed data center is useful for businesses requiring off-site backups. Beyond large backup capabilities, cloud storage offers companies other opportunities like connecting mobile apps to the cloud. For businesses with apps where storage of files outside of the smartphone or tablet environment is required by users, then linking up to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or any number of other cloud services makes the app more desirable.

Bear in mind that cloud storage does have its limitations. While it is possible to store a local copy of what’s in the cloud, this depends on the structure and configuration of the cloud app and the available storage on the device(s) it’s being used on. Not all devices will have offline access to all files, so when away from an internet connection, offline access to critical files is not always possible. This is where use of another technology is useful for business.

USB-connected Flash Drives

USB flash drives (aka thumb drives or pen drives) come in all shapes and sizes. The idea behind them is to store a limited number of files on a portable stick that fits easily into a shirt pocket. This type of storage uses either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 standard (USB 3.0 transfers files faster). Compatibility is assured with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems (both Mac and Android often require an adapter). The storage capacity varies between models, but starts at 64MB and rises to 128GB or greater limits.

If you’re needing handy data storage on the go, or are considering giving out data storage as one of your promotional products Canada or USA, this type of data storage is logo brandable for your organization. Ideal for trade show giveaways and other promotional opportunities.

Project Management

Companies are finding that collaboration between team members is essential for improved productivity. Apps like Asana allow multiple people within a team to share messages and files safely and securely. Inviting other people into the team-based environment is a screen tap away. Asana runs cross-platform too.

Trello is a more recent entrant. This is a different type of management tool where users can share lists of tasks to complete and view them as virtual index cards. For people who prefer a visual view of their business world, Trello is a good way to achieve that.

In some ways, it pays to give new technologies a few months to see if they have legs. This is especially true for businesses that rely heavily on adopted technologies and can get caught out when the service is shut down. By allowing a bit of time to pass before full adoption, it’s possible to verify there’s enough support for the technology and it is here to stay.