Trade Show Tips: Make Use of Custom Banners To Turn Heads


Trade shows are fantastic opportunities to meet new customers and get your brand out there. But how many trade shows have you been to where all the companies just blend into one? It’s important that you stand out from the crowd as much as possible.

With a custom banner, you can set yourself apart from the rest, promote yourself and grab attention. In order to create the most effective banner, we’ve outlined our top tips to consider when getting your custom banner designed.

Use your branding

There’s no point just copying someone else’s banner and hoping it will work. Make sure that you use your own branding and stick with what customers are familiar with. If your branding is normally a light blue, now is not the time to add in red and yellow. You want to ensure that customers know who you are and remember you afterwards, and branding is a critical part of making sure this happens.

Know where the banner is going

You need to have in mind where exactly your  banner is going to sit. Is it going to hang behind you? Perhaps it’s going to go on the front of your table? Depending on where it’s going might influence the design of your banner. This is because the content that is visible will change, so for example, you might want to put your contact details in a different area of the banner, depending on where it’s going to hang.

What information is missing

Think about what information is already going to be available to customers at the trade show, and what is missing. If you have business cards that includes your phone number and email address, then maybe this information isn’t vital on the banner, as customers are unlikely to remember it anyway, and can take a card with them. Keep it simple with your branding and only the most important information that customers should know.

Don’t get carried away

It can be easy to get carried away when designing your banner. There’s just so much information you want your customer to know! But include only the most important things and keep your banner clean and tidy. Overloading your banner with information will only look messy and turn off customers attention because it’s so overwhelming. You want customers to remember you for all the right reasons.