All the gadgets and accessories you need for your virtual office experience


When the time comes to be a little bit cautious in your business you need to cut costs wherever you can – and one of the leading ways that enterprising entrepreneurs have been saving is with a virtual office. A virtual office allows you to enjoy all of the key benefits of a brick and mortar office location, including:

  • A prestigious address for your business cards and website
  • Meeting rooms and office space for hire
  • A phone number (depending on the level of package you choose)
  • Secretarial and reception services available
  • Quality furnishings, fittings and electronics
  • Fully decorated and tastefully appointed spaces

All of this is available to you at a fraction of the cost and time commitment that a commercial lease would cost. You can see why so many people are leaping at the chance to save with a virtual office. Of course, a virtual office isn’t just for when you need to be frugal; a virtual office is a great option for a growing business who is looking to test out a new market in a risk-free way. Why you’re using a virtual office is a reason entirely up to you – but you will definitely see the benefits no matter what.

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While it’s great to work in an exciting space like the virtual office, it can be a little tough to make the transition if you’re used to working in a fixed office space where everything is there for you when you arrive in the morning. But that’s why we’ve put together a list of the top gadgets that you need to make your virtual office experience work smoothly. These tips are brought to you by Servcorp. Servcorp is a leading provider of virtual office solutions and are the leaders in quality virtual and serviced office space around the world.

An awesome bag

While not technically a gadget you do need something to lug all the awesomeness we’re going to detail below around in. So how about you find yourself a spiffing messenger bag on Etsy or perhaps look for an ergonomic bag like these ones. You need it to be big enough to fit your laptop and a few other essential bits and pieces, and it needs to look good, so choose something to suit your snazzy lifestyle.


Even though so many of us have a quality camera on our laptops it’s important to be able to host a video call with crystal clear reception and great audio. There’s nothing worse than having a call with a potential client only to have it drop out or do that really annoying thing where there’s feedback on both sides so the call takes forever… Save yourself with a quality webcam.

Wireless headphones

Working solo sometimes means you need to get your groove on and party in your office – but the best way to do this without interrupting anyone else’s flow (and without revealing that your jam is the top disco hits of the 70s) is by investing in some exceptional wireless headphones. You won’t regret it.

A terabyte of hard drive

Don’t run the risk of missing an important file when you’re in the office – make sure that you always have what you need by your side with a full terabyte of the good stuff.

These are just four of the gadgets we can see you needing to get the best out of a virtual office, do you have any others that you would like to see on this list? We are always open to new suggestions about the best of the best quality gadgets for working in a virtual office, so pop them in the comments below!

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