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Totally Customize Your Gaming System

No one is necessarily happy to shell out the multiple hundreds of dollars for a brand new PlayStation 4 (or equally expensive Xbox One). The same too goes for the cost of the latest and greatest games. It’s not something you’re thrilled about paying, but it comes with being a gamer. You have to spend a little money to try out the biggest releases. And it’s worth it, especially when your PS4 or Xbox provides years of entertainment. That is, if it’s handled with care, which sometimes is hard

Preserving the Past for Future Generations with NTT Data

NTT Data is in the process of a undergoing a massive project that will transform how knowledge is conveyed for future generations. In partnership with the Vatican Library, NTT Data is digitizing the entire priceless collection to be accessible from anywhere in the world. The Vatican Library might be the most important collection of historic works of writing and artwork on the entire planet. It was the mission of the Catholic Church to preserve knowledge for future generations, and for hundreds

The rise of Big Data – what it means for the enterprise

A few years ago, the idea of big data was still alien to many IT professionals. In fact, its key concepts of volume, variety and velocity were only identified in 2001 - and for many years after that, there was still very little understanding of exactly how best to harness this potential - or indeed what it could be for a business. But all this has changed. In just a short space of time, the technology has gone from being an untried theory, through the age of hype and uncertainty, to the point