Top tips for great website design

part of great website design is a consistent look across all platforms...

When it comes to the perfect website, there is unfortunately no quick fix or magic pill around that will guarantee the success of the site. The art of web design is deceptively tricky, and constantly changing, considering that people change and trends come and go. It is all good and well placing your information out there, but if it is not in an easy to find, quick to navigate and simple to understand way, chances are the user will simply leave your site, in search for something better.

There are many tips out there as to what makes a website design good, so we decided to sit down with the people of PokiesPalace, one of the leading names in the world of online casinos, in order to discover some of their personal tips.

Navigation is Key

This should be one of the first things that you keep in mind when designing your website. There is nothing more frustrating for the user as not being able to find the information that they are in search for. If a user cannot find what they are looking for, or feel that they have become lost on the website, then chances are that they will simply move away, and continue their search for a site that does the job better.

The user of today is blessed with an abundance of different websites that all concern themselves with similar topics. It is therefore important that your website stands out amongst the rest, making it so that the user will actually remain on your site and even return to it in the future.


It is important that your website theme stays consistent throughout. Due to the fact that there are so many other possibilities out there for the user, the smallest thing may be that deciding factor for why they chose to leave your site. Things like header size, font type with consistent size and colour as well button styles, spacing and illustration are all examples of things that should constantly match.

Polished Logo and Header

Having a logo and/or page header that stands out, informs the user and makes navigation easy, is an extremely important part of any great website. After all, this is the element that will most likely stick in the user’s mind, and allow them to easily distinguish your website from the sea of others.

Before you set out designing a website, it is important to first have a clear understanding of the norms attached to web design. Linking your logo to your home page has become something that most websites make use of, so if yours breaks the norms of what the user is expecting, they won’t hesitate to move on.