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Make Employees Work Better: Smart Tips to Increase Group Cohesion and Productivity

A company's employees are its greatest assets. Profits go downhill quickly once the staff feels no longer motivated and stops being productive. To stop this or even to prevent it from happening, employers can take various measures. Managers can employ solutions that go beyond the usual team building activities and work at a deeper, essential psychological level. Offering incentives and rewards There is no standard model you should adopt here. In fact, when you surprise your employees with incentives

3 ways to ‘grow your own’ skilled workforce

Far from being able to pick and choose between quality applicants, many firms are faced with a struggle when it comes getting the right staff on board. The skills gap has consequences for all businesses – not least when it comes to time wasted in sifting through mountains of CVs looking for suitably qualified individuals. So why not look at ways to address the causes of the problem? Modern apprenticeships, university placements and even school work experience schemes can offer businesses