An Interview with Aaron Soury of A. Neumann & Associates

Today The Business has the pleasure of interviewing the newest team member of premier business brokerage, A.Neumann & Associates.

Firstly, thank you so much Aaron for taking the time to speak with us. Let’s get started!

Aaron - Photo 2

1. Where did you grow up?

I was born in the Bronx, NY in 1958.  When I was one year old, my family moved to New Rochelle, NY.  I was raised there throughout my schooling and into my twenties.

2. Where did you decide to go to college and why?

I have always been entrepreneurial.  Through teenage businesses and part time jobs, I developed a keen sense for business.  It was natural for me to study business in college.  After looking into many colleges and universities, I selected Pace University and majored in business with concentrations in marketing and management.  I was very active in school, taking on leadership roles in numerous organizations, such as the Marketing Association President and Student Vice President in a student/faculty/administration governing and strategic planning committee, chaired by the university president.

3. Great! What was the first job you had out of college?

My first job out of college was in retail at Macy’s Executive Training Program.  During my four years in college, I worked part time in one of the local stores.  As I was approaching graduation, I had conversations with store management and selected Macy’s after exploring many options.  After my retail experience, I went into the wholesale side and worked in the apparel industry for 10 years.  I had an opportunity to put together a plan and run a food concession in an office building.  It was a great experience writing and executing the business plan.  I sold that business and went into the banking industry.  I was in the banking field for 20 years, starting in the mortgage division and rising through the ranks to the last 12 years as Branch Manager.

4. Do you have a family?

I have been married for 30 years.  My wife and I live with our son in White Plains, NY.

5. What do you think has been instrumental in your success?

I attribute my success to a number of factors.  First, a supportive family.  Second, an always positive and optimistic attitude.  Third, a strong network of friends, business associates, and advisors.

6. When you’re not working 90 hours weeks, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not working, I enjoy gardening.  I find gardening very relaxing.  It’s nice putting it all together, as well as sitting back and enjoying the results of my work.  I love to travel.  I have visited over 50 cities, states, and countries.  More to go!  It is interesting to experience the people, culture, and history of other places.  It gives me an appreciation of where I have been and where I am, and, new perspectives.

7. Why did you decided to join the Neumann & Associates Team?

I decided to join A Neumann & Associates after doing extensive research.  The company has an established solid track record.  The team brings together decades of experience.  The back office support is second to none.  The company’s straight forward approach is the way I like to conduct business.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us Aaron and we wish you the best of luck in your next chapter with Neumann and Associates.