Business Meeting Etiquette you Must Know!

Know Business Meeting Etiquette beforehand and dodge avoidable problems

Photo by CC user 089photoshootings on Pixabay

The modern world of business is filled with etiquette, and as we become more globalised, the intricate blending of multiple cultures has created a universal standard set of do’s and don’ts. A person will be judged by their appearance, and indeed actions in any business environment, and when meeting other people, this becomes critical. If you are unsure about your etiquette rating, and would like to have a brief assessment, here are some things that should be on your list.

Be On Time

This is essential, and you should arrive well ahead of time and be calm and prepared when the meeting commences. Rushing to beat the clock will have you arriving out of breath and perhaps showing signs of perspiration.

Your Business Card

You must have adequate for the group, and hand your card to the most senior person in the room first. It goes without saying that your business card says so much about you and your company, so top notch is the only way to go. If you are in Western Australia and are looking for printing in Perth, an online search will reveal the location of a business card printing company in your area. The card should be printed on quality paper, and your name, position, and the name of the company should all be clear. When giving or receiving a business card, always use your right hand, and it is good to make a small comment after you read the card. Make sure to put the card somewhere safe, in your pocket or wallet, as carelessly leaving it on the table might be perceived as rude.

Home or Away

The venue of the meeting has some bearing on etiquette. If you are the host, you must make your guests feel welcome, and remember to always invite them to sit, offer refreshments, and generally make them feel welcome. Introduce people, starting with the highest rank and moving down. If you are the guest, it is really a question of not doing anything until you are invited to, and that includes sitting down.

Cultural Differences

Although there are some standard practices, there are others that are specific to countries and cultures. So if you are a guest, it is wise to do a bit of homework about the culture of the people who are hosting the meeting. Note specific dos and don’ts and make sure you are prepared. If you are the host, then the guest will very much stick to international protocol, although, if you are aware of their cultural differences, it will impress your guests.

Put Your Phone Away

This is a must, and it is preferable to switch it off for the duration of the meeting. There cannot be anything so important as to jeopardise the relationship you are trying to foster, and talking on the phone in the middle of a meeting is a no no.

Having the right image is important, of course, but having the right actions will impress those who meet you, and by following protocol, you will forge positive and effective business relationships wherever you go.