How to Earn Loyalty from Your Customers

Finding new customers consistently is an issue most business owners have. The amount of money spent on finding customers is a lot more than it takes to keep them. So why not focus your efforts on finding ways to satisfy your customers and turn them into repeat customers?

There are different ways you can pull this off. For starters, you need to earn their respect, provide great customer service and maintain quality products and services. Here are some things you can start doing to help improve customer loyalty.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

The brands that make a name for themselves on the worldwide web have a much easier time getting customers to stick by them. This isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, it’s definitely not impossible.

One way you can build your authority online is to open up a personal blog. This can be connected to your brand, so your sales and traffic can increase. The idea is to push out content that is valuable to your audience, so you can gain their trust. Consumers tend to buy from brands they know and trust.

Blogs offer this personal experience consumers enjoy. And if you can combine your blogging with social media, even better. Together, you can promote the content you create, so more people can find it. Simply publishing posts on your blog isn’t going to drive traffic.

Social media also aids in increasing engagement. It’s always great if people are commenting on, liking and sharing your posts. So the more interactions you get, the wider your reach. Just make sure to be responsive when people comment on your blog or social media posts.

Host Giveaways

There’s nothing like getting something for free. Some brands do pretty well by giving away items for free. This can be a product from your own line or something unrelated, such as tickets to an amusement park. If you’re sending it out to a particular customer, why not personalize it using Shutterfly? You can use photos and logos to create apparel, cards, calendars and other print items.

Contests are very popular on social media. You can host one for your audience to join in exchange for something free. Make it exciting so a lot of people will join. Contests are known to go viral, so if you make it unique enough, it just may get a ton of attention.

Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is no longer just a inbound calls. Social media has become the new platform for engaging with customers. This is where they prefer to reach out to brands they do business with. And they expect you to be quick with your responses. Make sure you have someone dedicated to providing customer service on social media.

Your customer service team should be trained on proper etiquette and know the necessary details about your products and services, so they can help customers.

If you’re struggling with keeping customers, then you can try these tips to get them excited about sticking with your brand.