Ways to get quick cash for your business

What are some ways to get quick cash for your business? ... photo by CC user Revised by Reworked on wikimedia commons (public domain)

If you are experiencing a money gap that risks your ability to pay vendors, creditors, or your own employees, you are likely looking for a way to get some quick cash for your business.

This blog post will fill you in on ways to get some greenbacks in your hands fast…

1) Get a merchant cash advance

The vast majority of small business owners possess a credit card through which they charge everyday expenses.

This isn’t the only way you can make use of this tool though, as there are usually ways where you can apply for a merchant cash advance through your credit provider.

This way, if you are running low on physical cash towards the end of the month, you can turn to this as a quick way of covering a funding gap.

2) Apply for a title loan

Have some company vehicles sitting in your lot? If they are worth a chunk of change (like a fully loaded F-350), you can put some of them up as collateral for a title loan.

For example, if you live in the Phoenix area, you can take these trucks, which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars a piece, and use them as a bargaining chip to get access to a comparable amount of money in return.

Apply for some Scottsdale car title loans, and within an hour or two, you’ll have the capital to make sure payroll gets paid out in full. You’ll still get to use the trucks that are being used as collateral during the repayment period, and so long as you continue to make payments on time, everything will be business as usual.

3) Set up a crowdfunding campaign

These days, there are some truly ridiculous proposals that people throw money at on crowdfunding sites on the internet, despite the lack of a business plan.

Not you. You have an infrastructure and a customer base that is proven … you just need extra funds to fuel your growth, which has outstripped the cash reserves you have on hand at the present moment.

Using your superior business knowledge and with the help of staff that possess social media and internet smarts, put together a pitch on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo (or some other comparable site) and make your case for a share of some of the easiest venture funding that’s available these days.

4) Tap into your home’s equity

If you are fortunate enough to own your home, and its valuation has crept above what you paid for it when you bought it, you can go to your bank and apply for a home equity loan.

Doing so can supply you with tens of thousands of dollars with the stroke of a banker’s pen, but ensure you have the resources to make your payments on this type of loan, as your castle might be at risk should you slip into delinquency.