Great Places to Mix Business and Pleasure – Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

If you want a beach that looks like this (almost) everyday, then the best time to visit Tamarindo is in the Northern winter, up until April...

Costa Rica is definitely the most stable and financially well off country in Central America. In fact, they don’t even have an army anymore! While many fly to San Jose to take care of business, why not mix in a bit of pleasure as well? This post is about a wonderful destination in Costa Rica that you can escape the busy business life and enjoy the rewards from all of your hard work. Read on to learn a bit more about Tamarindo.

Being a famous vacation spot for tourists in Costa Rica, the peak holiday season may be considered as one of the best time to visit Tamarindo. Tamarindo is a town located in the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.Tamarindo has two seasons namely the wet season which is every May to November and dry season every December to April. However, there are different weather patterns and temperature. From the coast which is near the sea, the temperature is hot. From the mountains, in higher elevations, the temperature is cold.

If you want to visit the beautiful beaches of the place, the best time to visit Tamarindo is from November to late April where the season is dry. If you want to get tanned, go sun bathing and experience the hottest beach occurrence, you can visit from March to May. If you want to enjoy the beach and its cold breeze, you can visit in the months of November, December and January. If you want to go surfing, you need to have enormous waves which are best every month of December up to April.

If you are looking for a total peace and quiet in a vacation, then do not go where tourism is at its peak and beaches become crowded. You should avoid peak seasons such as Holy week, holidays and the first week of July. If you want to save on accommodation and lodging, the best time to visit Tamarindo is every May to mid-November.

If you want to have an experience with wildlife and wanting to see specific specie, here are the best times for you: For Herons, ducks, quetzal and waterfowl, go every dry season from December to April. If you want to see humpback and sperm whales visit every December and January. If you want to find Green, Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles visit every wet season from July through mid-September. Tamarindo Bay Turtles is best viewed every November.

Lastly, if you want to be exposed with Tamarindo’s renowned dances, masquerades, sporting events, music, parades and fireworks then you have to be familiar with the various events held in various months. Independence Day is celebrated every September, Limón Carnival is every October, Montezuma International Film Festival every November, Puntarenas Carnival every February and Day of the Virgin Sea every July. You will surely enjoy every event you will attend.

It is important to take note that any season of the year can be your best time to visit Tamarino. For as long as you are able to fully enjoy your beach, surfing, wildlife and sightseeing escapades, you are bound to have a good getaway in this beautiful region in Costa Rica.