4 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Extractor Fan and Hood in your Kitchen


Working in a commercial kitchen for extended periods of time can be a genuine challenge for many reasons. The constant pressure to excel and the speed with which meals need to be prepared all make for a highly stressful workplace, but there are also other difficult conditions to contend with. Heat, steam, smoke, oil and odours are not only an annoying part of the daily grind; they can also be dangerous to one’s health and well-being.

These factors can be largely addressed by installing a high quality commercial extractor fan and hood. Such devices are available in a variety of configurations and styles that provide multiple benefits that make them worth the additional expense.

Increased Comfort

As anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen knows, cooking is hot and difficult work. Without adequate extractor fans and ventilation, temperatures within the entire kitchen can soar and conditions often become almost unbearable for those working directly over the excessive heat produced by flames, grills and fryers.

Staff members are much more productive and also have increased stamina to perform better when working in a cooler environment. Hotter working conditions tend to increase stress, irritability and fatigue, all of which can be greatly reduced when an extractor fan efficiently removes unwanted heat from the kitchen. Cooler temperatures can also equate to less time off for sick leave and improved staff morale.

Cleaner and Healthier Environment

Using an extractor fan and hood greatly reduces the build-up of grease and oil residue that pervades most commercial kitchens. Without such fans there is the extra expense of staff wages for additional cleaning and added health concerns for those breathing in cooking fumes on a regular basis. Seeing how difficult this residue can be to remove gives one pause when considering the impact these substances must have upon the airways of the human body.

Accumulated grease and grime also encourages the growth of germs and bacteria and rightly draws additional scrutiny from health officials. This dirt can be significantly reduced with the use of commercial extractor fans and hoods.

Happier Customers

Not all the aromas emanating from the kitchen are pleasant and these smells can sometimes drift to where the customers eat their meals. Not all customers enjoy the same foods and some people find certain food and their odours quite offensive. Adequate ventilation can play a vital part in the overall comfort of customers and the enjoyment of their dining experience. Proper ventilation can keep diners coming back again and again rather than them seeking an alternative establishment that better deals with the smells that permeate throughout the environment. Working with a company that offers commercial kitchen extractor fan and hood installation in London is an extremely helpful solution.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Installing extractor fans and hoods can actually help reduce overall utility expenses. Automatic cooling systems often overcompensate for the higher temperatures that commercial kitchens generate. Efficient extraction systems use far less energy than air conditioners that are programmed to try and maintain even temperatures.

The reasons for installing adequate fans, hoods and ventilation solutions in commercial kitchens are manifold, as are their immediate benefits. Maintaining high standards for one’s staff and clientele by improving the preparation, cooking and eating experience translates into increased savings and enjoyment and ultimately makes good business sense on many levels.