How to configure your office space

Learning how to configure your office space has big recruiting advantages

There are very few more important tasks that a business needs to get right than setting up an office space that encourages collaboration, provides comfort and is reflective of the company ethos.

It’s no coincidence that office design services have become one of the fastest growing business support facilitators in recent years, and there’s plenty of good advice that is applicable to all companies and organisations.

We’re going to take a look now at some of the core principles in designing a constructive office environment that is suitable for anyone setting up or wishing to improve their workspace.

Is it really that important?

In a word – yes. Studies abound that show professionals consider their working environment much more than managers and owners might think. Indeed, in some cases it can have a huge impact; not just on retaining staff from leaving to work elsewhere, it can just as importantly play a large role in attracting talent to your company too.

There’s a reason why companies such as Google have invested so much into making a great office environment – they want to be the best at everything they do, and send out a powerful message to their staff that they are both valued and appreciated.

An office must reflect the company ethos

A business leader needs to understand what kind of company they are looking to build and use their office space to project this vision. Bright, colourful, open plan office space kitted out with funky furniture may be great for some start-ups or more playful companies; but might not be quite so appropriate when conducting financial services such as accounting or management consultancy. Of course, an office shouldn’t be a play space, but remember that it will play an essential part in impressing visiting clients looking to do business.


Few companies are going to feel comfortable spending huge sums on aesthetic improvements alone, but the reality is that a little cash well spent can go a long way. You need to find the right balance for the company and invest in keeping the office smart, comfortable and well maintained.

Where to set up

This is a big call because not only do the offices need to be located in an area that is appropriate for the business (hiring staff, transport links, proximity of similar minded companies etc.), but also somewhere the employees will be happy to travel to each morning.

Commuting times can be a very sizable part of recruiting and retaining employees who aren’t going to find their leisure time being overly gobbled up by travelling times. Think about access to trains, buses, car parks – and even bike stores. If relocating it may be a good idea to involve the workforce in the process by asking what amenities are most important for them. As ever, collaboration is key.

Open plan or cubicles?

There are two schools of thoughts regarding open offices. One is that they encourage teamwork and collaboration, the other is that these benefits are outweighed by being distractive and demotivating. Finding a healthy middle ground is the key and it’s important to try and bundle people together who will have a need to communicate on a regular basis.

Try to pool departmental staff with those they might need to work with – sales & marketing would be one example or perhaps human resources & payroll. Consider also that sometimes meetings will need to conducted in a confidential manner – some breakout rooms are vital.

Have fun with it

Try to encourage the team to engage with their workplace, this can range from big decisions such as colour schemes or choosing between solid or carpeted floors, to minor but morale raising choices in things like vending machines and kitchen/bathroom provisions. Not every business is going to reap the benefits of installing pinball machines and TVs, but make allowances according to what suits the company best.

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