Tips to Pass Your Time on a Business Trip

Going away on business isn’t always fun and games, whether you are connecting with clients or touting for new business they are very often time-consuming affairs that involve a lot of waiting around. Whether you are waiting for flights or other transport, waiting for a meeting to start or passing time in the hotel, you need to find ways to fill this time and avoid boredom. To help you out when you next go away on business here are some ways that I try to fill in my waiting time when I’m away.

Get to Work

If you are away on business trying to gain new clientele the the best use of your time is by working, if you have a meeting coming up then use this time to get fully prepared. It can be easy to use your time trying to relax and whilst this is important you should also be working on your business. Whether you use the time to reply to emails, organize all of your information or making plans for the future, this is valuable time that you can use to catch up on things.

Release the Pressure

If you’ve been working hard in preparation for your business trip then  you are going to need to blow off some steam. The likelihood is that you will be staying in a hotel so using their gym facilities can be a great way of releasing some of the pressure you’ve been feeling and giving your body some much needed exercise. Heading to the gym on an evening will leave you energized the next morning, perfect if you have an early meeting as you will you wake up with a positive attitude and ready for the day ahead.


If you need to relax when you are away then ensure that you focus your mind on just that, many people try to relax but still think about an upcoming meeting or things that they need to do, it is important that you take your mind off anything like this to relax properly. The way that I love to relax is by playing games online, it may be a considered a little immature but it fully relaxes me and takes my mind away from my job. I found a brilliant website called Poki which offers games for free and the variety is fantastic . The games range from sports, arcade, adventure, strategy and everything in-between. I love the simplicity of the games on here and the titles are regularly updated so if you ever tire of a particular game then there are plenty more to choose from. Relaxing when you are away on business is vital so whatever it is that you like to do to relax, you should utilize the time that you have to do so.

I always try to view the time that I spend waiting around on business trips as an opportunity rather than a problem and I think that if you adopt this mindset then you will be able to better use this time, so next time you’re away on business try to bear that in mind.